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A catalogue of currently available eye trackers, categorized into systems for assistive technology, research purposes etc.

Eye Trackers for Assistive Technology and AAC

Commercial eye tracking systems that are used for controlling a computer or as communication aids by people with disabilities.

Eyetrackers for eye movement research, analysis and evaluation

  • AmTech GmbH, Compact Intergrated Pupillograph (CIP), Pupillograhic Sleepiness Test (PST), table mounted, monocular, video based systems
  • Applied Science Laboratories, ASL, eye tracking and pupillometry systems, both IROG (limbus tracker) and VOG (video) based systems, both head mounted and remote tracking, also mobile tracking!
  • Arrington Research, ViewPoint EyeTracker, both remote and head mounted, video based
  • Cambridge Research Systems Ltd., MR-Eyetracker, a low-cost, contact-free eyetracker for fMRI & MEG
  • Chronos Vision eye tracking devices are used in e.g. neuroscience, ophthalmology, refractive surgery or clinical research. The classic Chronos Eye Tracker was deployed on the International Space Station (ISS) in early 2004 and is in continuous use for the study of eye and head coordination during long-term stays in the weightlessness of spaceflight.
  • CLS ProFakt Ltd, offers eye tracking services, analysis software and an integrated virtual shopping with eye-tracking tool for FMCG manufacturers
  • easyGaze(R), A low-cost high fidelity eye-tracker for research and training enhancement.
  • EL-MAR Inc., VISION 2000, portable head mounted video based eye-tracking systems
  • Ergoneers Dikablis, Soft- and hardwaresuite D-Lab & Dikablis for planning, performing and analyzing eye-tracking and behavioral experiments; fully automated gaze-data analysis in any environment without any restrictions in head and body movement for a motion range of 500m with Dikablis Wireless eye-tracking system.
  • Eye-Com wearable eye tracking and head tracking for clinical and human factors research.
  • EyeGuide Mobile Tracker, affordable mobile eye tracker from Grinbath.
  • EyeTech Digital Systems, EyeTech TM3 Eye Tracker Add-on, Research Package, and MegaTracker with free API with full access to raw gaze data and eye metrics
  • EyeTracking, Inc., technology developed by Marshall & CERF, San Diego State University
  • Eyeware 3D eye tracking software for depth sensing cameras, allowing gaze tracking in 3D, without glasses and using consumer 3D cameras. Real-world interactions, attention tracking etc.
  • Fourward Technologies, Inc., Dual-Purkinje-Image (DPI) Eyetracker, mainly for research purposes
  • Gazepoint GP3: low-cost, portable, USB powered desktop eye tracker for academic and market research, gaming and other common every day applications. Utilizes the Open standard API. Priced at US$485.00 and already shipping
  • ILAB, eye movement analysis software, works with a number of common eye trackers by ASL, ISCAN, and SMI, reads also CORTEX files
  • Interactive Minds, Eye tracking software and tools
  • Interactive Systems Labs, Model-based face and gaze tracking (from video image), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Iota AB, EyeTrace Systems, head mounted, binocular, video and IR based eye trace systems
  • ISCAN, Eye & Target Tracking Instrumentation, head mounted and remote eye tracking systems, single and multible target video tracking systems
  • LC Technologies Inc., a remote video based eyegaze development system for human factors research
  • Mangold International, MangoldVision for lightweight, portable eye tracking, solutions for both remote and head-mounted eye tracking. Software for data recording and analysis.
  • Metrovision, MonEOG: Electro-oculography (EOG) potential measurement based gaze tracking, MonVOG1&2: video-oculography (VOG) based gaze tracking
  • Mirametrix, Portable, remote, USB based eye tracking for academic and market research with the S1 eye tracker and easy to use open standard API
  • NAC Image Technology, NAC EMR-8 eye path tracking (IROG based)
  • Ober Consulting Poland: JAZZ-novo, portable multisensor system with IR based eye-tracker (1 kHz temporal resolution), head rotation and tilt measurement, blood pulse monitoring, voice recording and optional video context recording, designed to study human interaction with environment.
  • Ober Consulting Poland: Saccadometer, portable eye movement laboratory for study on saccadic reactions using multiple diagnostic experiments, integrated stimulation and eye movement measurement and recording system, head mounted, IR based (1 kHz temporal resolution).
  • Optomotor Laboratories, Express-Eye, a stand-alone eye tracker with saccade analysis, and FixTrain, a small hand held device for daily training of saccadic eye movement control
  • Pertech Eye-tracking technologies to improve human-machine interactions in Automotive, Aerospace and other fields
  • Primelec, D. Florin, Angle-Meter NT, a digitally controlled scleral search coil system for the linear detection of 3D angular eye and head movements
  • Purple Gaze, FOXIE, affordable Eye Tracking System enabling low latency registration of 700 Gaze Samples per second, mindfully designed for researchers to perform experiments
  • Seeing Machines, faceLAB, a 3D head position and eye-gaze direction tracking system (VOG based)
  • SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH, Remote (RED), head mounted (HED) and Hi-Speed eye and gaze tracking for research and applied science, open programming interface and comprehensive stimulus/analysis software.
  • Skalar Medical BV, head mounted Chronos and IRIS eye trackers, Scleral Search Coil Systems
  • Smart Eye AB, eye tracking analysis based on any standard camera(s), analog or digital
  • SR Research Ltd, EyeLink II, video based, head mounted eye tracking system
  • Synthetic Environments, Inc., EyeTalk integrates voice recognition and eye-tracking
  • TestUsability, EyeCatcher system measures eye scanning and mouse clicking, a helmet fitted with cameras, optics and a microphone
  • Thomas RECORDING GmbH, Eye-Tracking-System (ET-49) system, constructed for neuro-scientific purposes and enables a laboratory to correlate the monkey's eye position
  • Tobii Technology, Tobii T60 and T120 Eye Trackers - both integrated into a 17" TFT monitor, and Tobii X120 Eye Tracker - a standalone eye tracking unit designed for eye tracking studies relative to any surface.

Open source gaze tracking and freeware eye tracking

This list contains low-cost, free and open source eye tracking systems and research prototypes, and information that should help in building your own eye tracker. Some of them are targeted at people with disabilities (eye-control systems), some for more general eye tracking and research.

  • AsTeRICS, Assistive Technology Rapid Integration & Construction Set (see downloads)
  • EyeRecToo, a cross-platform open-source hardware-agnostic platform for head-mounted eye tracking, featuring multiple state-of-the-art methods for pupil detection/tracking and gaze estimation.
  • EyeTab, 3D model-based gaze tracker that runs entirely on unmodified commodity tablet computers
  • EyeWriter, low-cost eye-tracking apparatus & custom open-source software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis to draw using only their eyes.
  • ITU Gaze Tracker, works with a webcam or videocamera with nightvision and infrared illumination.
  • myEye, eye-tracking software to allow people with severe motor disabilities to use gaze as an input device for interacting with a computer. Beta version of the prototype software available for download.
  • openEyes, open-source open-hardware toolkit for low-cost real-time eye tracking
    See also the Windows version by Joel Clemens.
  • Opengazer, open-source gaze tracker for ordinary webcams.
  • Pupil, Open source mobile eye tracking platform.
  • TrackEye: Real-Time Tracking Of Human Eyes Using a Webcam. Implemented in C++ using the OpenCV library.
  • WebGazer Webcam Eye Tracking on the Browser


Affordable / Low-cost eye tracking

  • Bink-IT, a communication and environmental control system based on eye blinks by Ober Consulting.
  • Dias Eye Tracker, low cost eye tracker developed by Diako Mardanbeigi at the Iran University of Science & Technology.
  • Eyediya Technologies Inc., emerging start-up that develops low-cost and low-power OEM eye-tracking solutions
  • EyeSpeak by LusoVu, augmented reality interface by enabling communicating through the eyes, successful kickstarter project
  • Eyeware Beam, App that turns smartphones into affordable and highly robust head and eye trackers for gaming, AAC and research. Webcam version available
  • Eye Tracking Test, affordable eye tracking and usability services
  • Eye Tribe Tracker, world's first $99 tracker for interaction and analysis (compatible with EyeProof)
  • Gazepoint GP3: low-cost, portable, USB powered desktop eye tracker for academic and market research, gaming and other common every day applications. Utilizes the Open standard API. Priced at US$485.00 and already shipping
  • Magic Key, low-cost eye control system
  • myGaze & EyeGaze Education Bundle, tracker & education software
  • Purple Gaze, FOXIE, affordable Eye Tracking System enabling low latency registration of 700 Gaze Samples per second, mindfully designed for researchers to perform experiments
  • SentiGaze, SentiGaze SDK works with webcam and common PC.
  • Tobii EyeX, low-cost eye tracker for interaction, gaming etc.

Open source and freeware eye movement analysis tools

  • CARPE "Computational and Algorithmic Representation and Processing of Eye-movements" visualisation and analysis tool by the DIEM (Dynamic Images and Eye-Movements) Project
  • CVC Eye-Tracker
  • COGAIN ETU Driver, Eye-Tracking Universal (Standard) Driver, which helps the developer to build tracker-independent applications and test them off-line with a gaze data simulator!
  • EyeMMV toolbox MATLAB toolbox appropriate for post experimental eye movement analysis
  • iComponent, tracker-independent analysis and visualization tool by Oleg Spakov.
  • GWM: Gaze-to-Word Mapping Tool, a collection of gaze-to-word mapping engines, text mask creators and translation, and more...
  • MAGiC: A Multimodal Framework for Analysing Gaze in Communication integrates video recording data for face tracking, gaze data from eye trackers and the audio data for speech annotation.
  • OGAMA (OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer), an open source software designed to analyze eye and mouse movements in slideshow study designs
  • RITCode analysis tool for captured eye tracker video files, created by the Rochester Institute Of Technology Visual Perception Lab.

See also

See also: Eye Gaze Communication Board, low-tech eye pointing, cheap (self-made) gaze communication board, "first aid" solution for acute communication need

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