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GazeTalk is a predictive text-entry system for severely disabled people that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout. The main reason for using such a keyboard layout is that it enables the use of an eye tracker with a low spatial resolution (e.g., a web-camera based eye tracker).

The goal of the GazeTalk project is to develop an eye-tracking based AAC system that supports several languages, facilitates fast text entry, and is both sufficiently feature-complete to be deployed as the primary AAC tool for users, yet sufficiently flexible and technically advanced to be used for research purposes. The system is designed for several target languages, initially Danish, English, Italian, German and Japanese.

Main features

gazetalk v5 screen shot
gazetalk v5, linked with Dasher - screen shot
  • type-to-talk
  • writing
  • email
  • web browser
  • Multimedia player
  • PDF reader
  • letter and word prediction, and word completion
  • speech output
  • can be operated by gaze, headtracking, mouse, joystick, or any other pointing device
  • supports step-scanning (new!)
  • supports users with low precision in their movements, or trackers with low accuracy
  • allows the user to use Dasher inside GazeTalk and to transfer the text written in Dasher back to GazeTalk

GazeTalk 5.0 has been designed and developed by the Eye Gaze Interaction Group at the IT University of Copenhagen and the IT-Lab at the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen.

About Gazetalk

Read more about Gazetalk

GazeTalk short manual

Short manual on data recording in GazeTalk

GazeTalk Videos

Download Gazetalk

You need to have a recent version of Adobe PDF reader installed in your computer in order to run Gazetalk. This can be downloaded from:
Please read the information about Gazetalk carefully before you download Gazetalk.

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