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Links and useful resources

Eye Gaze Communication and Control

Gaze-Based Interaction

Eye Tracking Conferences and Meetings


General Information on Eye Anatomy, Physiology and Movements

See also the educational resources found here on COGAIN website, e.g.

  • Training, educational materials for (self)training of gaze interaction and eye tracking related issues
  • User Involvement, filled with information and useful tips for new users!
  • Bibliography, references for gaze interaction articles


Blogs on Eye Tracking

  • Gaze Interaction Blog by Martin Tall. Refers and discusses interesting research on gaze interaction.
  • EyeTracking.Me a Blog by Tommy Strandvall. News, ideas and Tommy's training material on how to use eye tracking in different kind of human behavioral research.
  • Eye Tracking Blog Mostly usability related stuff.
  • iGaze Web Gaze enhanced web browsing (Dan's M.A. thesis blog).
  • TTE-Ergonomicsan Italian blog about eye tracking and gaze interaction.

Portals and Links Collections

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