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COGAIN - Communication by Gaze Interaction

This is the Knowledge Base of the COGAIN Network. Here you can find information, photos, videos, guides, reports, links and more. You are also welcome to join our community and help us build knowledge about Gaze Interaction.

For information and news about the COGAIN Association, check our website at

I don't know anything about Eye gaze

You can start checking out the following pages:

  • User Involvement, filled with information and useful tips for new users!
  • FAQ, frequently asked questions (about COGAIN and the eye tracker as communication aids)
  • Training, educational materials for (self)training of gaze interaction and eye tracking related issues
  • Media, for a list of media appearances, press releases, brochures
  • COGAIN forum

I know about Eye Gaze, but I want more information

You can start checking out the following pages:

I am a student/researcher in HCI

You can start checking out the following pages:

  • Special:Categories, for a list of the categories available in the wiki
  • Category:Reference, for a list of relevant bibliography and download links
  • Category:Events, for a list of past events
  • Training, for a list of educational material that can be used to support (self) training of gaze interaction

I want to contribute

You are welcome to add and modify this wiki with links to applications, information about events, eye trackers, current research, answers to questions, photos, videos, tutorials, and more! For that, please register in our website. You need to sign up only once for using the forum and this wiki.