Agenda Telco 20110914

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Agenda for 2011-09-14


  • Roles of the management board members & setting up regular board meeting
  • Funding
    • Current funds
    • Membership fees
    • Expected income for COGAIN book
    • Other sources of funding for current work
  • Cohosting the ECEM and COGAIN conferences in 2013
    • Workload
    • A co-chair for the conference
    • What tasks could COGAIN take on?
  • Procedure for accepting portal registrations
    • should only members be accepted in the portal (currently: yes)
    • where is the 'official' member list to decide on that?
  • Hosting of the COGAIN web site
    • Detlev considers to again move the site to a different provider, who also offers real mailing lists (those are currently hosted at UTA)
    • Detlev doesn't want to decide that on his own.
    • Ongoing cost of keeping the website up to date and making sure membership fees are paid / log in is provided to each person
  • AOB