Exemplars Grids

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Exemplar Grids

Exemplar eye control activities for end-users with complex needs.

For many people with disabilities faced with the challenge of controlling the Windows environment pointer control can seem impossible. Someone who has severe involuntary movement, complex visual difficulties or both all have something in common – a need to use ‘framework’ software.

Personalisation is a road to accuracy and the vehicle for such control is framework software. It has lots to offer: a rich and wide range of features makes it suitable for a wide range of cognitive, physical and visual abilities and for people of different ages, mood, health status, levels of fatigue and motivation (Donegan, M. et al, 2006). The purpose of professionals, carers and end-users is to apply their knowledge of the end-user’s needs to the centre of grid or page set design (Donegan, M. 2007). Which software can we use for eye control?' at Eye Control Hints and Tips, and COGAIN Report D3.2 present ideas about content, function, layout and style. In any page-set or grid-set, however, every end-user will make a selection by ‘dwelling’ or 'blinking', see section 2.3.5 of D3.2 for more information.

Pagesets or gridsets are by necessity a living entity: developing as needs change in order to make the interface more meaningful and purposeful to the end-user. Many professionals, carers and end-users have taken time and care in creating page-sets and grid-sets for use with eye control. The variety of pages and grids show there is a wide choice of design, however, not every design will suit every end-user. Here are some examples of the work undertaken during COGAIN by professionals, carers and family members.

If you want to make similar gridsets or pagesets in other framework software it's quick and easy to do. Please browse through the File:Tobiis-Sample-Page-Sets-for-VS-Commonicator.pdf document of sample page sets created by Viking Software, and through the online grids made available through the Sensory Software website for more ideas.


Example grids, category description on the left and a thumbnail image of an example grid on the right

Introductory Activities

Introductory Activities - Fun and fail proof for a beginner

Faces - exemplar grid

Early Language And Literacy

Early Language And Literacy

Simply turn the page

Book - exemplar grid

Social Communication

Social Communication

Using a low tech system

Social Communication - exemplar grid

Writing and Computer Control

Writing and Computer Control

Many features with a few targets

Writing and Computer Control exemplar grid

Permissions and Conditions of Use

The exemplar pagesets or gridsets are freely available as they are, for personal, educational or academic use, for teachers, academics, professionals who are working in the field, end-users and their helpers. COGAIN will not be responsible for any potential misinformation on these pages or damage caused by the grids. These grids are meant to be examples. You are welcome to use them as a starting point for your own grids. To use them, select eye control as the input method in the software settings.

Some gridsets or pagesets are only available as design examples; they are easy to implement by following the grid's description. Some grids cannot be published due to copyrighted material, however, we wanted to include their descriptions and images of the grids, in order to provide ideas for grid implementations. Some of the images included were located in 'Google Images', if you notice any copyright problems, please let us know.


You need to have the appropriate framework software to run the exemplar grids.
The Exemplar Grids were made using the following framework applications:


Please contact the company directly using the contact details given above, for further information about the symbol libraries that might be available with the software demo versions. If you have any questions, please contact info (at) cogain (dot) org