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Information about Dasher

Dasher is a information-efficient communication system driven by continuous pointing gestures. Instead of using a keyboard, the user writes by continuous steering, zooming into a landscape painted with letters. Dasher can be driven by a regular mouse, by touch-screen, or by gaze-direction. Dasher uses a language model to reduce the number of gestures needed. Anything can be written, and well-predicted phrases can be written fastest. The language model can be trained on any documents, it learns as the user writes, and Dasher works in any of the languages of Europe. With practice, users can write at 25 words per minute via a gaze-tracker.

Dasher supports writing, writing to files, writing to other windows, and speaking; the development version of Dasher includes other control options, such as accessing the menus of all applications running on the computer.

Dasher is free software. It was created in the Inference group at the University of Cambridge.


Video introduction to Dasher and its features

Lisa Oosthuizen interviews Mick Donegan (ACE Centre) about Dasher. Sarah Yeo, an end-user, demonstrates how Dasher works: Video Dasher.


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Download Dasher

Download Dasher

By David MacKay