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Gaze-controlled drawing program

EyeArt screen shot

EyeArt (illustrated in the figure on the right) is a drawing program that can be controlled by eye movements. EyeArt includes tools for drawing basic shapes (line, circle, square, etc.), tools for changing color and line width, on-screen keyboard, as well as an inbuilt help and options dialog that can all be controlled by gaze alone.

To install EyeArt, download the zip-packet and uncompress the files into any folder. Start the program by selecting EyeArt.exe.

To use EyeArt, you need an eye tracking device that supports mouse emulation. (EyeArt can also be used with headmouse or any other pointing device that supports mouse emulation.) First calibrate your eye tracker and start its mouse emulation program. Start the EyeArt program. Move the mouse cursor to point an item by looking at it. Select the item by staring at it for a while. The "dwell time" needed to stare at an item to select it can be adjusted in the options dialog.

To draw e.g. a line, first select the line tool from the menu. Look the start point of the line and dwell on it to confirm the starting point. Then move your gaze to the end point and dwell on it to finish the line.

How to draw with EyeArt video illustrates basic functions of EyeArt:

<HTML5video width="320" height="256" loop="false" autoplay="false">demos/Tudresden-ea</HTML5video>

For more information, see the brief EyeArt documentation (included in the download packet below)

Conditions of use

EyeArt is freely available for personal use by people with disabilities. You may download and use it at your own risk. COGAIN or the developers will not be responsible for any possible damages caused by the EyeArt program. The program is distributed as it is. Unfortunately, we do not have resources to provide support or assist with any technical problems that may occur. However, if you have any comments or want to report bugs, feel free to email us at eyeart (at) cogain (dot) org.

EyeArt was developed by Andre Meyer and Markus Dittmar at the Technical University of Dresden, Applied Cognitive Research Unit. TU Dresden is a partner of the COGAIN network. EyeArt was one of the top winner applications in the COGAIN student competition.

Download EyeArt

Note that you download and use EyeArt at your own risk (see conditions of use above).

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Download Eyeart:File:Tudresdeneyeart.zip (5.8 MB).