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LC Technologies


The Eyegaze Communication System is an FDA-approved communication and control system for people with complex physical disabilities. The system is operated entirely with the eyes. By looking at control keys displayed on a screen, a person can synthesize speech, control his environment (lights, call bells, etc.), type, run computer software, operate a computer mouse, and access the Internet and e-mail. Eyegaze Systems are being used to write books, attend school and enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities all over the world.

System name(s): The Eyegaze Communication System, Eyegaze Edge and Eyegaze Edge Tablet

Who can use the system
Target users Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Brain injuries, Cerebral palsy (CP), Multiple sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Werdnig-Hoffman syndrome, Rett syndrome, Spinal Cord Injuries, Strokes (brainstem, Locked-in syndrome)
What is required from the user Good control of at least one eye. Adequate vision. Ability to maintain a position in front of the Eyegaze monitor. Some reading or word recognition skill. For detailed description, see http://www.eyegaze.com/2Products/Disability/Medicaldata.html
Can the system be operated entirely by the user without assistance once the system is setup and running? Yes
Applications within AAC
  • Keyboard substitute (gaze writing)
  • Mouse substitute
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Games
  • Support for book reading (turn pages etc.)
  • Speech synthesis
  • Environmental control
Additional information/accessories Keyboard and mouse interface with a PC for full operation of all Windows programs
Supported languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish
Technical specifications
Methods video-based (Pupil-Center/Corneal-Reflection)
Other features remote, NEW: binocular tracker also available
Spatial resolution 0.45 degrees, .63 cm or better
Temporal resolution 60 Hz
Tolerance to ambient light / sunlight stray sources of infrared may degrade the accuracy
Tolerance to eye glasses and contact lenses works with most eye glasses and contact lenses
Accommodation to human eye variations (iris color, ethnic background) The system tracks 90 to 95% of the human population
Freedom of head movements 3.8 * 3.0 * 3.8 cm
Mobility The system can be attached to a wheelchair. The system consists of a small computer, a flat panel monitor, a small camera, and an adjustable table mount. The computer weighs only 6 lbs (2.7 kg) and its dimensions are 8 x 7 x 3 inches (20 x 18 x 8 cm).
Setup and system requirements
Computer requirement(s) System comes with a computer, with software and applications installed
Setup time To install the system 10* 15 minutes. To set up an individual user, about 1 minute.
Calibration time 15 seconds
Number of systems in use 500-1000
Price From $7,250 to $13,500 USD depending on the configuration. Several options range from $150 USD to $350 USD each.

Contact details

Email: info0309@eyegaze.com
Phone: 1-703-385-7133
Fax: 1-703-288-3727


LC Technologies, Inc.
1483 Chain Bridge Road
Suite 104
McLean, Virginia 22101,


Visit our web page (www.eyegaze.com) for information on user support

Website: http://www.eyegaze.com

The technical information below is mainly targeted at developers.

What is the eye tracker physical interface type? Dedicated manufacturer's card, but card may be fitted into any PC.
Does the eye tracker require manufacturer's own dedicated software to operate, or can it be used with other suitable software?
If the eye tracker can be used with other suitable software, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available?
Does the manufacturer's own dedicated software have an API (programming interface) to allow control over the manufacturer's software and eye tracker by third party applications?
If the manufacturer's own dedicated software and eye tracker has an API, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available?
Is a stream of gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software accessible to other third party software? Yes, can be accessed in real time by third party software.
If a stream of gaze data is accessible in real time, will the manufacturer make the format available? Yes, to all.
Can gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software be captured and saved in a file for later use and analysis? Yes, can be saved.
If gaze data can be captured and saved, is the saved data file accessible to third party software? Yes open, to all in a standard file format.