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VISIOBOARD replaces the mouse and keyboard of a standard computer operating under the Windows environment. The position of the mouse cursor is directly controlled by eye gaze. The validation (mouse clicks) can be controlled by the duration of gaze, or by eye blinks or by an external actuator.

System name(s): VISIOBOARD

Who can use the system
Target users cases for whom an eye gaze interface can be more "efficient" than other solutions.
What is required from the user some eye movements and cognitive capabilities
Can the system be operated entirely by the user without assistance once the system is setup and running? yes after the system is powered-on
Applications within AAC
  • Keyboard substitute (gaze writing)
  • Mouse substitute
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Games
  • Speech synthesis
  • Environmental control
Additional information/accessories keyboard substitute, mouse substitute, internet, email, drawing
Supported languages English and most European languages
Technical specifications
Methods VOG
Other features remote
Spatial resolution resolution =1 arcmin accuracy = 30 arcmin rms typical
Temporal resolution 30 Hz
Tolerance to ambient light / sunlight Works well under varying light conditions. except bright sources (sun) facing the eye
Tolerance to eye glasses and contact lenses Problems with some type of glasses or contact lenses. soft contact are OK, problems with some spectacle frames
Accommodation to human eye variations (iris color, ethnic background) Works well in all cases (iris color or ethnic background has no effect). pupil contour and corneal reflections must be visible
Freedom of head movements Large movements (>20cm). 25 cm xyz accepts slow movements and occasional fast movements
Mobility Mobile support arm, for subjects in seated and lying position. Cannot be attached to a wheelchair.
Weight 22 kg
Setup and system requirements
Computer requirement(s) Standard Windows XP environment
Setup time 10 minutes if system carried in car
Calibration time minimum= 10 seconds
Number of systems in use 10-50
Price 20 000 Euros for turnkey system including PC and support arm

Contact details

Email: export@metrovision.fr
Phone: 33 3 20 17 19 57
Fax: 33 3 20 17 19 51


4 rue des Platanes
59840 Pérenchies


hotline by phone and email

Website: http://www.metrovision.fr

Technical Information

The technical information below is mainly targeted at developers.

What is the eye tracker physical interface type? Serial. USB. also video feedback to user's interface
Does the eye tracker require manufacturer's own dedicated software to operate, or can it be used with other suitable software? With any suitable software.
If the eye tracker can be used with other suitable software, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available?
Does the manufacturer's own dedicated software have an API (programming interface) to allow control over the manufacturer's software and eye tracker by third party applications?
If the manufacturer's own dedicated software and eye tracker has an API, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available? No.
Is a stream of gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software accessible to other third party software? No, cannot be accessed in real time by third party software.
If a stream of gaze data is accessible in real time, will the manufacturer make the format available? No.
Can gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software be captured and saved in a file for later use and analysis? No, cannot be saved.
If gaze data can be captured and saved, is the saved data file accessible to third party software?