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HumanElektronik GmbH


Many people who are dependent on powerful computer-based communication aids want to keep working with the same software and be able to add modules to the system in line with their requirements. SeeTech has been developed on the basis of longstanding experience to fulfill this wish at low cost. Convenient SeeTech works very precisely and is extremely user-friendly. This eye control system has a large tolerance band, thus there is no need to recalibrate it constantly. Flexible SeeTech is built from modules to meet the user's specific needs and can be expanded without difficulty at any time. The communication software – VS Communicator as standard – always stays the same. Economical SeeTech is truly a low-cost system because it builds on standard components that are available on the market. Only the heart of the system has been specially developed: the software that captures eye movements with a camera, interprets them and passes them to the communication program. SeeTech's modular design permits expansion in line with the user's requirements, which also contributes to making it an economical solution.

System name(s): SeeTech

Who can use the system
Target users Users with disabilities: ALS, Spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain injury and others.
What is required from the user Tolerance to involuntary head movements depends on the model. Allows for moderate head movement
Can the system be operated entirely by the user without assistance once the system is setup and running? With the mouse substitute, one can use almost any Windows application. Click with a by staring (dwell)or by a hardware switch.
Applications within AAC
  • Keyboard substitute (gaze writing)
  • Mouse substitute
  • Single switch substitute
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Games
  • Support for book reading (turn pages etc.)
  • Speech synthesis
  • Environmental control
Additional information/accessories
Supported languages English, German, Intaly und some other are in making
Technical specifications
Methods Video, dark pupil, infrared illumination
Other features
Spatial resolution 12 15 or 19 inch
Temporal resolution 35
Tolerance to ambient light / sunlight Works moderately well under varying light conditions.
Tolerance to eye glasses and contact lenses Works well in most cases.
Accommodation to human eye variations (iris color, ethnic background) Works well in all cases (iris color or ethnic background has no effect).
Freedom of head movements Large movements (>20cm).
Weight from 3 kg to 12 kg
Setup and system requirements
Computer requirement(s) It needs a min. from 1 GHZ and 1 MB RAM USB2.0
Setup time >5 min
Calibration time > 15sek
Number of systems in use 50-100
Price from 8000 without a PC to 13000 inkl. PC

Contact details

Email: info@humanelektronik.de Phone: +496241955489 Fax: +496241955487


Humanelektronik GmbH
Bingerstr. 52
67549 Worms Germany


+496241955489 Skype: Humanelektronik

Website: http://www.see-tech.de/

Technical Information

The technical information below is mainly targeted at developers.

What is the eye tracker physical interface type? USB.
Does the eye tracker require manufacturer's own dedicated software to operate, or can it be used with other suitable software? With any suitable software.
If the eye tracker can be used with other suitable software, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available? Yes, to all.
Does the manufacturer's own dedicated software have an API (programming interface) to allow control over the manufacturer's software and eye tracker by third party applications? Yes.
If the manufacturer's own dedicated software and eye tracker has an API, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available? Yes, with restrictions or licence.
Is a stream of gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software accessible to other third party software? Yes, can be accessed in real time by third party software.
If a stream of gaze data is accessible in real time, will the manufacturer make the format available? Yes, with restrictions or licence.
Can gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software be captured and saved in a file for later use and analysis? Yes, can be saved.
If gaze data can be captured and saved, is the saved data file accessible to third party software? Yes open, but with restrictions or licence required.