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Tobii Technology


Tobii Assistive Technology solutions offer an easy to use and truly effective communication for people with highly limited mobility. Tobii AAC products give individuals with communication disabilities a voice and a way to live more fulfilled, integrated and independent lives. A Tobii ATI device can detect precisely where the user is looking on the screen together with a suite of application software which allows the user to communicate and interact using their eyes.

System name(s): Tobii C8, C12, CEye, MyTobii P10, D10

Who can use the system
Target users ALS, Spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain injury and others.
What is required from the user Ability to focus gaze on objects on screen for a short (adjustable) duration. The system operates well even if the user has some eye tremor or spasmatic head movements.
Can the system be operated entirely by the user without assistance once the system is setup and running?
Applications within AAC
  • Keyboard substitute (gaze writing)
  • Mouse substitute
  • Internet browsing
  • Email
  • Games
  • Speech synthesis
  • Environmental control
Additional information/accessories The system estimates which object the user is looking at and the action the user intends to initiate. For instance, when the user looks at a button the correct object is highlighted, without showing the mouse pointer. Selection can be initiated either using a switch or dwell time.
Supported languages all European
Technical specifications
Methods video-based
Other features binocular, remote
Spatial resolution 0.5 degrees (~ 0.5 cm)
Temporal resolution 40 gaze data points / s
Tolerance to ambient light / sunlight Works well under varying light conditions.
Tolerance to eye glasses and contact lenses Works well in most cases.
Accommodation to human eye variations (iris color, ethnic background) Works well in all cases (iris color or ethnic background has no effect). Dark-eyed or blue-eyed, Swedish or Japanese all work just as well
Freedom of head movements Large movements (>20cm). 30 x 15 x 20 cm
Mobility Using a monitor arm, the device can be mounted on a desk or over a bed.
Weight 9 kg
Setup and system requirements
Computer requirement(s) Windows XP, firewire connection
Setup time <30 min
Calibration time The calibration takes less than 10 seconds and needs only to be done once
Number of systems in use
Price ~ 13,800 EUR (check with your dealer, varies depending on the configuration)

Contact details

Email: sales@tobii.com
Phone: +46(8)663 69 90
Fax: +46(8)30 14 00


Main office:
Karlsrovägen 2D 7th floor
182 53 Danderyd


Visit our web page for information on user support

Website: http://www.tobii.com

Technical Information

The technical information below is mainly targeted at developers.

What is the eye tracker physical interface type? USB. Firewire.
Does the eye tracker require manufacturer's own dedicated software to operate, or can it be used with other suitable software? With any suitable software.
If the eye tracker can be used with other suitable software, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available? Yes, with restrictions or licence.
Does the manufacturer's own dedicated software have an API (programming interface) to allow control over the manufacturer's software and eye tracker by third party applications? Yes.
If the manufacturer's own dedicated software and eye tracker has an API, will the manufacturer make the required control protocols available? Yes, with restrictions or licence.
Is a stream of gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software accessible to other third party software? Yes, can be accessed in real time by third party software.
If a stream of gaze data is accessible in real time, will the manufacturer make the format available? Yes, to all.
Can gaze data (x, y, pupil size, blink etc) from the manufacturer's own dedicated software be captured and saved in a file for later use and analysis? Yes, can be saved.
If gaze data can be captured and saved, is the saved data file accessible to third party software? Yes open, to all in a standard file format.