Music Editor

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Music Editor

Music Editor screenshot

Music Editor (illustrated in the figure above) is a gaze-operated application that allows you to compose, edit and play music by eye movements.

To install Music Editor, download the zip-packet and uncompress the files into any folder. Start the program by selecting start.exe.

To operate Music Editor, you need an eye tracking device that supports mouse emulation (or a headmouse or any other pointing device that supports mouse emulation). See the manual of your eye tracker to find out how to activate its mouse emulation program. Start the Music Editor program. Move the mouse cursor to point an item by looking at it. Select the item by staring at it for a while. The "dwell time" needed to stare at an item to select it can be adjusted in the settings dialog (click the button with tools on it).

To compose and play music, first enter your name. The application creates a folder for you where the music that you have made will be saved. Later you can either create a new user name or select the one created earlier. After that you can Open the Music Editor. Select the interaction time by choosing one of the options (1, 2 or 3 seconds). You can either start a new file, or continue composing by loading a previously saved file. Play music by dwelling on the piano keys for the previously defined dwell time. The note that you played appears in the stave (note lines). You can change the instrument, adjust the scale or volume by clicking the Effects button. End by selecting Finish.

For detailed instructions on how to install and how to use the application, see Music Editor Instructions

Conditions of use

Music Editor is freely available for personal use by people with disabilities. You may download and use it at your own risk. COGAIN or the developers will not be responsible for any possible damages caused by the program. The program is distributed as it is. Unfortunately, we do not have resources to provide support or assist with any technical problems that may occur. However, if you have any comments for future improvements or want to report bugs, feel free to email the developer at [nhia83 (at) hotmail (dot) com].

Music Editor was developed by Ainhoa Yera Gil, Public University of Navarre, Spain. The Public University of Navarre is a partner of the COGAIN network. Music Editor was one of the top winner applications in the second COGAIN student competition.

Download the software: