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COGAIN 2008 Photos

COGAIN 2008 Conference and COGAIN Camp 2008
1-5 September 2008, Prague, Czech Republic

Monday (1.9.2008) - COGAIN/CIE Technical Committee Meeting

(by invitation only)

The COGAIN/CIE Technical Committee works on eye tracking safety and standards.
The first review report is available online PDF

Tuesday (2.9.2008) - COGAIN 2008: Academic Sessions

See also The COGAIN 2008 Proceeding

Wednesday (3.9.2008) - COGAIN 2008: End User and Industry Sessions

Wednesday (3.9.2008) - Founding Meeting of The COGAIN Association

Tutorial by Mick Donegan


See also a YouTube video from COGAIN 2008

Joint meeting of the COGAIN Advisory Boards, BIA, BUC], SBS

Thursday-Friday (4-5.9.2008) - COGAIN Camp 2008: Internal Sessions

Integration session, WP workshops, Assembly meeting

Photos by Päivi Majaranta, Fiona Mulvey, Stina Boedeker.
If you see a photo that should not be shown publicly or spot any errors in the figure titles, please email paivi (dot) majaranta (at) cogain (dot) org.