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Gaze-controlled puzzle game.

Puzzle screenshot

The Puzzle (illustrated in the figure on the right) is a simple puzzle game that can be operated by eye movements.

To install Puzzle, download the zip-packet and uncompress the files into any folder. Start the program by selecting puzzle.exe. A few example images are included in the download packet (below) but you can also use your own images in various file formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png, tiff). By default, the program loads images that are in the game's folder.

To operate Puzzle, you need an eye tracking device that supports mouse emulation (or a headmouse or any other pointing device that supports mouse emulation). See the manual of your eye tracker to find out how to activate its mouse emulation program. Start the Puzzle program. Move the mouse cursor to point an item by looking at it. Select the item by staring at it for a while. The "dwell time" needed to stare at an item to select it can be adjusted in the options dialog.

To play Puzzle, first briefly glance at the "eye button" in the top left corner; it will shuffle the puzzle. (Note that you can check the original image and return to the game any time by moving the curson on and out of the top left corner. The top left piece is always "on place" and acts as a home area.) To select a piece, first move the cursor on it to highlight it (with red rectangle around the piece). If you continue looking at the highlighted piece, a 'clip' button appears next to it. Look at the clip button to mark the puzzle piece. Then look at another piece and dwell your gaze on it until two gaze-operated buttons appear. The 'swap' button will swap this piece with the piece that was marked with the clip button earlier. The clip button will mark this piece and release the previously marked piece.

Conditions of use

Puzzle is freely available for personal use by people with disabilities. You may download and use it at your own risk. COGAIN or the developers will not be responsible for any possible damages caused by the program. The program is distributed as it is. Unfortunately, we do not have resources to provide support or assist with any technical problems that may occur. However, if you have any comments or want to report bugs, feel free to email us at puzzle (at) cogain (dot) org.

Puzzle was developed by Vytautas Vysniauskas, Siauliai University, Lithuania. Siauliai University is a partner of the COGAIN network.

MyTobii users please note: We have found out that this program crashes with MyTobii. We do not yet know why. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Download Puzzle

Note that you download and use Puzzle at your own risk (see conditions of use above).

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Download file: File:Supuzzle.zip (1.6 MB) at your own risk (see conditions of use above).