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Several gaze-controlled applications are being developed within the COGAIN consortium.

Here you can find information about the systems and also download some of them. Please note that some of the systems are still in their early development stage; you may download them at your own risk.

Gaze Communication Systems

See also:

  • Eye typing systems - a comprehensive list of gaze based text entry systems developed around the world (not related to COGAIN), with links to system homepages (some of them are available for free download)

Leisure Applications

  • EyeArt gaze-controlled drawing program
  • GazeTrain gaze-controlled action oriented puzzle game
  • Puzzle simple gaze-controlled puzzle
  • Road to Santiago gaze-controlled adventure game
  • Snap Clutch application for controlling key and mouse events by gaze, when playing 3D games and interacting in virtual worlds
  • More...

Introductory Activities

  • Exemplar Grids. Exemplar eye control activities for end-users with complex needs. The exemplar grids include easy, fun, fail proof activities that can be used to assess and introduce eye control.